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Ramaphosa of South Africa disputes claims of money laundering

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — While being questioned by MPs about a scandal that jeopardizes his job as well as the course of Africa's most advanced economy, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa refuted accusations of money laundering..

Police and a commission formed by Parliament are already looking into the loss of a significant sum of money in US dollars from Ramaphosa's property in 2020. At his game ranch in northern South Africa, he is said to have unlawfully held $4 million in cash while covering up the theft to conceal its presence.

When the former director of the national intelligence agency filed a criminal case with the police in June, Ramaphosa was accused of money laundering and other violations.

In Cape Town's parliament on Thursday, Ramaphosa stated, "I reject that there was any type of money laundering." "It came from the game's sale profits. I've been raising game for a while now. Animals may occasionally be sold as a result of that behavior.

Ramaphosa originally skirted inquiries about the event, saying simply that the theft did occur and that he reported it to the director of his presidential protection unit at the time. Ramaphosa has since denied any culpability in the incident.

His reputation as a leader determined to clean up both South Africa's corrupt government and his own ruling African National Congress party has been severely tarnished by the charges.

Ramaphosa said that he will assist with any inquiries into the event. Although no charges have been filed against him, a police section for serious and public offenses is looking into the matter.

If he has a case to answer for allegedly breaking his oath of office will also be decided by the panel of impartial legal professionals selected by Parliament.

Ramaphosa promised legislators, "I would collaborate to the best of my abilities."

For 69-year-old Ramaphosa, who will be running for reelection as the head of the ANC party at a conference in December, the timing is horrible. He would probably be ousted from office as president if he loses there.

Both of Ramaphosa's predecessors, Jacob Zuma and Thabo Mbeki, lost the ANC's support and resigned from office as a consequence.